General Rules and Requirements

All entries for consideration will be required to satisfy the following cross-cutting requirements:

  1. All entries for consideration should have been submitted before 0000hrs (midnight) on 15th April 2017
  2. ACIA Awards are judged by category. Participants should choose the category that most accurately describes the innovation proposed in their entry.
  3. All entries must be complete with required information and as specified on the online portal, presented in English and submitted through the online portal.
  4. Entrants must supply full details as required in the application form, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the award(s).
  5. All entries must be based on initiatives that are implemented in Uganda or by organisations based in Uganda. Participating individuals should be living in Uganda, or hold Ugandan citizenship
  6. Additional supporting documents or evidence, not listed in entry requirements may be requested during the selection process where deemed necessary.
  7. Applicants are required to provide documents to verify their identity and provide references, who may be contacted to validate information submitted in their submissions. Validation visits to verify information presented in the applications may be necessary. Where this is required, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) shall undertake to respect the required confidentiality of the concerned parties.
  8. By participating in these Awards, applicants declare that the submissions are a product of their own effort and intellect and indemnify Uganda Communications Commission from any intellectual property or copyright infringements caused by their submissions.
  9. Where an innovation/application/product/service has been the result of collaboration amongst various parties, appropriate consent should be sought from the stakeholders and consideration should be made to submit entry as a joint entry. In cases where a joint entry is not made, proof of consent or declaration of the contribution of the collaborating partner(s) should be submitted along with the rest of the supporting documentation.
  10. Participants may be required to participate in ACIA related publicity events. UCC may also use submitted information in publicity events. By participating in the ACIA Awards, participants allow UCC to use their identities or non-confidential information about their entries, in UCC's publicity initiatives.
  11. UCC reserves the right to cancel these awards process at any stage, if deemed necessary, and /or if circumstances arise outside of its control.
  12. All information submitted will be treated professionally and with the utmost confidentiality
  13. The winners shall be selected by an independent panel of judges and the Judges' decisions shall be final.


The entries submitted online shall initially be subjected to a basic compliance check to ensure that they conform to the rules of the awards.
Entries that pass this stage shall then be assessed using the criteria below and winners in the various categories will then be chosen by a panel of judges.

  • Creativity and originality – What is the new idea? Is the entry an improvement of an existing product, service or process?
  • Significance, effectiveness and impact – What is the importance of the innovation? To what degree does it provide a solution to the problem it was intended to solve?
  • Sustainability and feasibility,–How does the innovation optimally exploit the resources utilized in the production and consumption processes? What is its potential for successful implementation in the desired context/environment?
  • Scalability or transferability– The degree to which the entry can serve as a model or to which its components, concepts, principles, or insights could be transferable to other initiatives
  • Spark – Does the entry generate collective excitement for its originality, execution and potential benefits?

The judges may however utilise other supplementary and publically available information to inform their decision.
Shortlisted applicants may be called upon to physically defend their applications before the panel of judges during the evaluation process, and may also have an opportunity to showcase their innovations at an exhibition prior to the Award Gala.

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